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      DUB PUB
      ☆ Good Music
      ☆ Heavy Bass
      ☆ Vegan Dub Kitchen
      ☆ more tba

      ★ Johnny
      ★ Solid Rockers
      Sosnowka Dub

      ★ Donation box (for musicians and political efforts)

      We can barely believe this is already the tenth edition of Dub Pub!
      To celebrate we invited some friends to spin some wicked tunes!
      Join us and the friendly folks of AZ Aachen for a night of DUB – heavy bass guaranteed!

      Be advised: this event is early but loud! So come right in and fulljoy medical vibrations for body and soul. Hearing protection advised and available at the bar.

      Sending out nuff love to each and everyone – all tribes welcome

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      No hate – no nazis – no sexism – no homophobia – no racism – no discrimination
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      Quelle: az-aachen.de/2019/05/14/dub-pub-3/