ADM Amsterdam / Sammelthema

    • ADM hat vor Gericht verloren

      BREAKING - ADM: The Amsterdam Judge has rejected the ADMers request for interim protection (asking to respect the UN's interim measures), ruling briefly that "the Municipality was obliged to proceed to eviction and the interim measure of the UN Human Rights Committee did not have to stop her from doing so", that the Municipality has not misused its powers of execution" and that "now there is currently no legal obligation on the part of the Municipality or of the State on the basis of which they should offer a different area to claimants".
      The Judge, notably, did so after submission to her of the UN letter to the Government, dated 14-1-19, which was stating:
      "The Committee relies on the State party to comply with its two requests for interim measures, in line with its international obligations under the Covenant and its optional protocol. Any failure by the Netherlands to comply with the interim measures would therefore be incompatible with its obligation to respect in good faith the Committee's procedure."
      Now you may understand better why I had to resign from this manifestly unfair trial, stating, among others, in a declaration submitted to the Court that "In such a context, even the Human Rights Committee may be perceived as "reinforcing illegality", "in breach of final Dutch judgements", as the present Judge seems to perceive it." and "I refuse to be involuntarily rendered into a puppet, in a show with a pre-announced script to disregard human rights."