A Mammoth Steppe - Full Documentary to Mongolia

Team Mammoth Steppe planned and delivered the adventure of a lifetime - driving from the UK, through Europe and Central Asia to Mongolia....in an ex-postal van!Treading a fine line between adventure and outright danger, the team traversed some of the most barren and hostile places in the world, with only a map and compass to guide them.After 5 weeks on (and off) the road, multiple run ins with the local authorities, stonings from Kazakhstani yobs and many vehicle failures, the team finally completed their epic adventure.All the filming and editing was done by the team.

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  • anna -

    beeindruckend ! danke für das teilen :)

  • Mr.Zom -

    Was ein Traum, sehr schön rüber gebracht. Ich befürchte ich brauch mehr Zeit